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Order Management

Manage Orders Centrally

We help you manage real-time order processing from a single platform. No need to log in to multiple channels to manage and process your order

Bulk Order Processing

We provide you the option to process orders in bulk, where you can process 1000s of orders in one go.

Batch-wise Order Processing

Depending on your warehouse operation flow, you may prefer to do the order processing bybatch.

Picklist to Pick Products from Warehouse

We provide you the picklist to pick products by batches or in bulk, so you can facilitate thepicking process from the warehouse.

Download and Print Invoice & Shipping Labels in Bulk

You can download and print the invoice & shipping labels of all multi-channel orders in bulk or batch-wise.

Manifest Generation

There are multiple ways to generate the Manifest.

Track Orders from Single Platform

After the orders are dispatched, system will keep of the order status across different marketplaces and update individual order statuses accordingly. This keeps you updated on the order statuses from a single panel with ease.

Return Order Reconciliation

We monitors the orders that are marked as return on the marketplaces and expect the return to be received back in the warehouse.

Automated Order process as per SLA
Custom Retail Invoice
Picklist to Pick Products from Warehouse

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